compare two job offers

In the current economy, finding a great job is not always easy. You can spend a lot of time talking to recruiters, working with a headhunter and even on phone interviews to see if you can make the cut for a shot at an in-person interview with the human resources department or hiring manager. But

misconceptions about credit

Most consumers aren’t clueless about their credit or the value of a good credit score. In fact, after the recent financial issues that plagued many Americans, research and knowledge of credit and credit criteria is on the upswing. Consumers want to understand how their creditworthiness is determined and how they can work to improve their

Home budgeting

Adults have many responsibilities and it is easy to get overwhelmed with all of the tasks that rest on your shoulders. Sadly, there are some duties that can seem less important than others and it is all too easy to push those items to the bottom of your to-do list. One of the most hated

No one ever wants to pay more in taxes than they absolutely have to. But most consumers also don’t really want to invest much time in preparing their taxes or planning for the coming years taxes. It is often a task that is put off until the last minute and then hurriedly thrown together on

Salt Lake City

When you are looking for a new city to live in, there are many factors to take into consideration. But one of the first things that most consumers want to know is how much will it cost to live there. That is a very good question and can help you to select a city that

student loans

According to College Board, the average cost of tuition and fees for the 2016-2017 school year was over $33,000 to attend a private school and almost $10,000 to attend a public college if you are a resident of the state. So a four year degree is going to cost you over $130,000 if you are

compulsive buying

Have you discovered that you are shopping when you don’t need anything or when you don’t really have the money to spend on anything other than bills? Has credit card debt become so out of control that you don’t even want to think about how or when you will be able to pay it all

envelope budgeting

Having a budget and using a budgeting system are great ways to learn exactly where your money is going. But the tools are only as effective as you choose to make them. It is not like when you were a child and there was a punishment coming if you broke a rule. Well, there is


Credit cards are seen as a convenience to many consumers. They are a way to avoid carrying cash, dealing with loose change and having a detailed record of where you shopped. But there are a few hidden traps that many consumers don’t think about. Using a credit card does not mentally feel the same as