building credit

With the economy ever shifting and job security being as questionable as ever, being financially prudent is more critical than ever. Consumers are seeing the importance and the benefits of smart spending, smart saving and building good credit. All of these traits not only provide a more stable financial future but reduce stress and provide

handling medical bills

Being sick or getting hurt can be stressful and painful all by itself. But once the medical bills begin to roll in you quickly begin to feel even worse. If you are fortunate then you have some type of medical insurance to cover a part of the cost. But many consumers have very little insurance

Paying by credit card

Most consumers use at least one credit card regularly. This can be for purchases in person, online or for recurring purchases. And sadly, not very many people regularly log in to the website to monitor the charges that are appearing on their card. They wait until the statement arrives and half-heartedly scan it if the

Decisions about the future

No one is an expert on everything so it only makes sense that we seek advice on topics that we don’t feel are our specialty or topics that we believe are too important to guess about. And one of the topics that is most dear to many consumers is money. Not everyone feels qualified to

Couple With Keys

Homeownership is a dream for most Americans. It represents not only success and achievement but also a place to call your own. It is the center of your life and where many of your family memories will be made. There is a very sentimental attachment to the first house you purchase with your spouse and

calculating taxes

6 Ways to Pay Taxes to the IRS

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One of the only downsides to spring for most Americans is facing the mid-April day of doom; tax day. Everyone knows that the deadline is coming but for some unexplainable reason, it doesn’t begin to seem urgent until the calendar turns to that first day of April. Then the ritual begins for many. There are

As we get older, we feel that we have learned from our mistakes and experiences and we become pretty confident in our decision making. We have lived through the lean years and found a way to get by and now we are saving for the future and beginning to really enjoy life. We still feel

Financial goals

With the housing market still in a rather questionable situation, many consumers are seeking cheaper alternatives to buying or renting a house or apartment. Housing is normally one of a consumer’s largest expenses and can certainly be a budget buster. But if you are willing to think outside the box, being a conventional living space,


Divorce is never an easy process. There are emotional issues which are stressful and painful as well as the simple logistics of finding a way to divide one life together into two separate lives. And if there are children involved then the process can get much more complex. One area that is of major concern