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Savings can be very hard to put together. It’s always hard to just make the first contribution after opening the account. Discipline helps out, but it is still difficult. This is why automatic savings plans prove useful. Automatic savings plans are some of the most fruitful financial tools in the world. An automatic savings plan

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There are endless possibilities when it comes to low risk investing. What are the best low-risk investments? Are low risk investments what you want to use to spread your financial footprint? Let’s take a look. Let’s look at risk and what that means when it comes to investments. What is the risk? The risk isn’t

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Is it time to help your parents financially? That depends on whether they have retired and where you are financially. Firstly, to help your parents financially, you have to be in good financial standing. Savings are definitely a requirement to take on additional expenses. Now, savings are not there as a safety net for other

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In an improving economy, the lower class and the lower middle class are still living paycheck to paycheck. Numerous people are spending their paychecks far too fast. This can be from lack of discipline to unnecessarily high expenses, or having to take a lesser paying job after a layoff. It’s a struggle for people. Usually

An inherited IRA can be a complex issue. There are numerous inheritance options for taking care of the family after an individual has passed on; it’s confusing what exactly should be passed down. An inherited IRA is clearly designed for beneficiaries after the procurer dies. These are retirement plans that are passed on for a

There are benefits of signing up for store credit cards. In fact, there are a lot of benefits of taking on credit cards if it is done properly. The big question is does a store credit card build credit? The benefits of signing up for store credit cards may not seem important, but they can

An HSA and high deductible plan are individuals and can be one in the same. They are also very hot topics in a very tumultuous healthcare market. The Obamacare law has driven up premiums and put many states with one provider. How do you choose which plan is right for you? The HSA and high

Filing an IRS Tax Extension

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Can you file for an extension on taxes? Let’s start with why you would want to file for an extension. The federal government and the IRS have set April 15th as the filing deadline. Some years it is later than the 15th depending on that which day the deadline falls. Also, Emancipation Day (April 16th)

A federal ban on salary history requests may be soon to come after the move in Massachusetts. They are the first state to eliminate a salary history request being submitted by employers across all sectors of business. A salary history request is when a hiring manager or HR department asks applicants what they have been