One of the very hot topics in the news today is global warming. Studies are reporting new issues and damage to the planet on almost a weekly basis. There are long term implications for personal health and well-being as well as the survival of the planet itself.

When you are deciding how to invest your money, there are many different options to learn about. And as with any investment, you are wise to take the time to do some research and determine which strategy is the best match for your investment goals and budget. In many cases, the amount of money that

If you are considering an ecommerce store then you have certainly looked into the amazon fba program. That is the fulfillment by amazon program in which seller’s ship bulk items to amazon centers so that the items are eligible for PRIME shipping and Super-Saver Shipping. This is how amazon can offer so many items to

If you are like most consumers, every so often you like to take a look at your finances and all of your accounts to get a bird’s eye view of where you are with your debt and your savings. This could be after a raise or when you are preparing to file your taxes or

7 Tips to Sell a Car in Any Market

When you are ready to buy a new car it could be tempting to take your current vehicle to the dealership and just trade it in, but you know that you are not going to get the full retail value for your car. But you really want that new model so you try to justify

Owning a rental property as investments is becoming a very popular side gig or second income for many Americans. Last year the investment home market increased by 7% and many of those buyers were new to the business. Some of this increased interest can be attributed to television shows depicting rental income properties as a

The Ultimate Guide To Convertible Loans

New businesses or startups don’t really have any credit history so that makes getting a conventional loan almost impossible. And the other way for a fledgling company to raise money is through equity or selling shares of the business. But that is very difficult when there is no real way to place a value on

There could be a lot of different reasons why you are considering getting a loan. You might have had an unexpected car or home repair pop up or you could be having trouble paying off a large medical bill. The reasons that you need the money can actually be almost endless but there are a

A mortgage where the interest rate changes can be called an adjusted rate mortgage or ARM, a variable rate mortgage or a tracker mortgage but they are all essentially the same type of mortgage. Variable home loan rates are what makes all of these different than a fix rate mortgage.

Almost everyone has heard the term installment loan but not as many people really know what an installment loan is and why so many consumers find them useful. With an installment loan you borrow the money that you need, for whatever reason for the most part, and then you pay it back to the lender

A consumer durable loan is a loan that is used to purchase commodities such as laptops, smartphones, and household appliances. These loans are very easy to get and are a good way to make a larger purchase without having to strap yourself for cash.

A personal guarantee is a signed agreement with a lender that you are willing to use your personal assets to repay a loan. It is not quite the same as collateral as you are not listing specific items but you are agreeing to be personally responsible for the loan if your business fails to make

If you are experiencing a financial emergency or you just need some extra cash to complete a home project then you have a number of options for getting the money. But you might be thinking that there are fewer options for you because you have nothing to use as collateral to secure the loan or

Many consumers are seeking out new ways to grow their wealth so that they can work less and enjoy life more. Early retirement, working part time and passive income are all buzz words when consumers are talking about their financial goals and plans for the future. Lifestyles have changed and not everyone is willing to

Payday Loans criteria

There are times when you are facing a financial emergency and you just don’t have the time to go to a bank and apply for a conventional loan. That can take days or even weeks and if you don’t have great credit then your chances of getting approved are pretty low.

When you are the owner of a small business there are many different hats that you will need to wear. You are the creator of the business, you are the public relations coordinator and many times the one who is completing the projects that are making your company money. But one of the most difficult

Thirty years can sound like a really long time, and that is because it is. Many consumers are not even thirty years old when they close on their first home. They are in essence assuming a debt that could last longer than the entire length of their life to that point. It can feel overwhelming

Building wealth is a concept that many consumers are very interested in but only few really invest the time to understand the concept and make it happen. It is not something that will happen on its own and it is not something that will happen quickly in most cases.

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