If you are experiencing a financial emergency or you just need some extra cash to complete a home project then you have a number of options for getting the money. But you might be thinking that there are fewer options for you because you have nothing to use as collateral to secure the loan or

Many consumers are seeking out new ways to grow their wealth so that they can work less and enjoy life more. Early retirement, working part time and passive income are all buzz words when consumers are talking about their financial goals and plans for the future. Lifestyles have changed and not everyone is willing to

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There are times when you are facing a financial emergency and you just don’t have the time to go to a bank and apply for a conventional loan. That can take days or even weeks and if you don’t have great credit then your chances of getting approved are pretty low.

When you are the owner of a small business there are many different hats that you will need to wear. You are the creator of the business, you are the public relations coordinator and many times the one who is completing the projects that are making your company money. But one of the most difficult

Thirty years can sound like a really long time, and that is because it is. Many consumers are not even thirty years old when they close on their first home. They are in essence assuming a debt that could last longer than the entire length of their life to that point. It can feel overwhelming

Building wealth is a concept that many consumers are very interested in but only few really invest the time to understand the concept and make it happen. It is not something that will happen on its own and it is not something that will happen quickly in most cases.

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No one likes to be in debt but it can happen either due to something unforeseen happening, such as an accident or serious illness that caused you to miss a lot of work or maybe just due to a lack of fiscal responsibility. But the result is the same. You reach a point where you

keeping money safe

There have been a few times in the history of our country when having your money in a bank was a costly mistake. But in the current economic conditions, it is not a bad idea to have most of your savings in a bank and some of it kept in your home. Having that stash


Most of our lives are spent working for money that we believe is going to change our lives. It is this money that will let us do the things that we want to do and own the items that we want and need. But the truth is that money is nice to have and it

There was a time not too long ago when managing your investments was not that difficult. Most consumers wanted to have enough money to live on in their Golden years and some were also interested in paying for college tuition for their children. But the process was all the same.

Having a passive income stream is a great way to free up your time to allow you to enjoy life to its fullest. By definition, a passive income is one that you earn without actively being involved. In some cases, you will be involved in the beginning as you are setting up a revenue stream

There could be many reasons that you have excessive credit card debt. You might have suffered a sudden job loss or had large medical bills that you just couldn’t pay, but the result is the same. You are under a lot of stress to pay off your credit cards and get back in control of

When you find that you are a little short on cash or that you have an item that you need but don’t have the cash to purchase it, it might want to consider a signature loan. Normally you can apply for the loan rather easily and quickly. And one of the best features is that

Learning financial responsibility is an important part of growing up and becoming an adult. We all have had those times when we just shopped or spent money until it was gone. But then you have to look at yourself in the mirror and wonder why you did it and why you put yourself in such

There are very few professionals whom you will do business with which are more important than your financial advisor. Obviously, you take great care in selecting medical professionals, legal professionals, and professionals with whom you entrust your children but when you think about it, none of those relationships would be able to continue without the

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There are many reasons that you could be considering a career change. It might be that the opportunities in your current field are dwindling or it could be that you have reached the pinnacle of your field and you are looking for a new challenge.

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As we grow older and more responsible, it becomes clear that insurance is a wise choice. In early adulthood, most people have a false sense of invincibility but that can quickly fade after an accident, serious illness or just seeing someone who is struggling to pay medical bills that stacked up because they didn’t have

shoestring wedding

Your wedding day should be one of the happiest days of your life. But with all of the expectations that you and your soon to be spouse have about the day, it can certainly be very stressful trying to plan the big event. In most cases, this event has added stress due to the fact

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