Florida Car Title Loans

Florida can be an expensive state especially when something drastic happens. You don’t have to be a victim of financial burdens; you can save yourself the anxiety and get a title loan.

Florida title loans are a great option for those who need money quickly and lack the credit or financial means to get a personal loan.

What is a Florida Title Loan?

Simply put, it is a personal loan that uses your vehicle or car title to get the funds you need quickly. Because you use your title as collateral, the lender is not at risk by offering a loan to someone with poor or no credit.

Instead of pawning several items at a pawn shop and leaving them in the back of a store until you can pay to get them back, a title loan allows you to keep your vehicle and drive it while you pay off your loan.

This means there is no downfall for you. Have you ever been anywhere that you could get a loan in 30 minutes or less?

Apply Online for Florida Title Loans

Well, with a title loan that is all you need. The process is fast, easy, and absolutely painless.

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Florida Title Loan Guide

Have you ever been in a contract where you just signed the papers and then realized you didn’t know what you signed?

We don’t want you blindly signing paperwork, so we have listed out a few things you should know about your title loan before applying:

  • We Want You to Know the Laws: The Florida title loan laws are there to protect you, but they also, protect the lenders. We have narrowed down a few of the most important laws:
    • You have the right to ask the lender to see his licence because all lenders should be licensed to serve you.
    • You always have the right to talk with your lender about extending your loan.
    • You cannot take out more than the value of your car. This prevents you from owing more money to the lender if you face a repossession. In the case of a repo, your vehicle would fulfill the amount owed.
    • You have the right to notify the Better Business Bureau if you feel a lender has not followed the laws or mislead you in anyway.
  • Know Your Resources: Although, a lender can help you figure out the value of your vehicle, it is important to know your resources because you can, also, figure out the value of your vehicle. The value of your vehicle is one determining factor in how much money you can borrow. If you want to make a budget and know where you will stand, check the value of your car on Kelly Blue Book
  • Know What You Need: Getting a title loan online requires little preparation, but it is important to have the items you need to make the process quicker. You will need a photo ID, proof of your income, and your clean title.

In today’s day and age, it can be tough to keep your credit score up, but with a title loan in Florida, you don’t need to.

Simply apply online and get your cash the same day!

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