Illinois Car Title Loans

Financial troubles are no fun. It can take a lot to say, “I need help,” but title loan lenders understand your struggle. We know that sometimes, you can’t plan for a disaster.

The game of life shows us that we never know what will happen. It can be even harder knowing you need help, but don’t have credit to get a loan or credit card.

That is why we try to make our loan process easy and accessible to anyone.

What is an Illinois Title Loan?

An Illinois title loan is a simple way of using your vehicle or motorcycle title to obtain a loan greater than a payday loan.

When you are approved for a vehicle car title loan, you will need to give the lender your title to hold as collateral in the event you don’t make your payments.

Because you have a tangible item of value, there is no risk to the lender, therefore, your credit score doesn’t matter.

The best part about a title loan is that even while you are paying your loan, you get to drive and keep your vehicle.

illinois title loans

If you need cash ASAP, you're in luck because a title loan process from application to cash in your hand can take as little as 30 minutes.

Getting an Illinois title loan is quick, painless, and easy.

Illinois Title Loan Guide

If you have never had to get a title loan, it is important to do a little research. Although the process is quick and easy, it never hurts to be prepared.

  • Look up Your Illinois Title Loan Laws: Laws are there to not only protect you, but to protect lenders as well. When you borrow money, you want to know your rights as well as the rights of the lender, so you fully understand the process. Here are a few things to keep in mind:
    • You have the right to ask the lender to see his licence. You can, also find licensed lenders on the Consumer Credit Licensee List.
    • If you want to extend your loan, you have the right to ask the lender.
    • You can take out any amount up to the value of your car.
    • You have the right to make a report of suspicious activity to the Better Business Bureau.
  • Get Information from Others: If you are uncertain of a title loan, check out the reviews. It is important to find out the experiences other had and how a title loan benefited them.
  • Make a Plan of Action: When you are struggling financially it can be challenging to even know where to begin. Try figuring out the value of your car on Kelly Blue Book, so you can come up with a good budget. The value of your car will determine how much money you can take out on your loan. Knowing your budget and how much you have to work with will help establish financial stability in the future.
  • Get Yourself Organized: You won’t need much to apply for a title loan, but if you get everything organized, the process is much quicker. Make sure you have your check stubs or letter of employment, a valid photo ID (license, passport, or State ID),and your clear title.
  • Apply: Once you feel comfortable with your decision, you can easily apply online in just a few minutes. You will be asked to input your information above along with the make and model and mileage of your vehicle. If you prefer to talk to the lender, you can call anytime to speak with an Illinois customer service representative.

No matter what your circumstance, we want to be there to help you.

Bad credit, no credit, or good credit shouldn’t affect you getting the help you need when applying for Illinois title loans.

So, what are you waiting for? Fill out your application, today.

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